Thursday, August 06, 2009

Freak of the Week

We have this upcoming "thing" at work, where all the different departments in my office will be showcasing who they are and what they do. A kind of expo for boring accounting types, if you will. I read the emails about it, yawned and thought "Yeah, exciting....NOT"

Then I got dobbed in to help organise my team's participation. OK, whatever. Now it's getting closer, so I've had to put together some info on our team and the incredibly thrilling stuff that we do, round everyone up for a photo, make some Powerpoint slides and so on. OK so far.

THEN, a request comes through for a profile on two of our staff, to be displayed at the expo - a photo and a bit of a blurb about the person. And the boss nominates me and one other girl.

Among the stuffy public servant types, why do we stand out? Uh...she was in the first series of Farmer Wants a Wife and me? I guess prancing around in high heels and a bikini, flexing your muscles seems pretty novel to most people.

Thanks Boss. What is this? Feature the Freak?


ss2306 said...

Just tell em you're one shit hot chick who rocks. The end. And leave them wondering (lol).

Debstar said...

Could be a top chance to pick up a few clients.

Vix said...

I think Shelley's suggestion is brilliant. OR you could post a pic of your stripper heels, with nothing but the following blurb:
"I wear THESE on the weekend".

Just a thought...

Sara said...

Maybe you should actually wear you bikini to work on that day?? AWesome

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