Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Great ideas!

Lazy blogging today, people....no apologies either, I'm short on time. So I'm throwing together a few links for your blogging enjoyment:

Having trouble getting enough veg in your day? Maggie over at Mighty Girl has come up with a brilliant solution with her at-home salad bar.

Charlotte has given us the low-down on chia seeds. I'd heard of them, but not really taken much notice. Now I am so getting me some of these little beauties!

And go check out Michelle's awesome-looking figure-friendly pizza base. Yum!

It may not be quite the weather for ice cream here in Oz, but file this one away for the coming months: DietGirl's instant frozen yoghurt. I actually did my own version the other day, using frozen raspberries and blueberries, creamed cottage cheese and just a little yoghurt. Frozen fruity goodness! With protein. Mmm....

Strange. Did anyone notice a food theme here...?


Quick update on the positivity challenge: All going well, just haven't had masses of time to sit and ponder things. In fact, things are so generally good that I really haven't needed to go looking for the positives.

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Sue said...

send some of that positivity my way will you please :P

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