Thursday, August 20, 2009


I was going to let fly and go all Ranty McRantster about what a completely crapola day I had, with the snoring and the lack of sleep and the rain and the traffic and the total incompetent nincompoop at the petrol station who got her head bitten off for her troubles (heehee), and the deadline at work that I forgot all about and then it turned out that I spent two hours getting all anxious and tying my guts in knots about nothing because I already freaking DID IT two weeks ago and somehow erased it from my memory, but meanwhile I'd already eaten my own weight in chocolate....

But I'm not going to bother, because my sweet, lovely husband took us all out for dinner tonight and showered me with attention and now I feel all better.

Bloody hell. It was a really good rant, too.

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