Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I'm on fire!

Yesterday I took myself off to the gym and got stuck into a hard and heavy leg and shoulder workout - the best kind, in my opinion. Yes, I know all about periodisation and mixing things up, blah-de-blah-blah. But low reps and heavy weights have always been my favourite kind of weights workout.

After taking over a week off from training, getting stuck right into deadlifting more than I weigh seemed like lots of fun. There was lots of muttering along the lines of: Yeah, Baby! and: Is that all you got? and a bit of jumping around and air-punching too. And yes, I was training alone - it's a good thing the gym's mostly deserted at 8:30am.... :p

The fun had faded considerably by last night though, when my old friend DOMS began to catch up with me. By this morning, there was lots of grimacing and groaning. I still faced up to Coach Troy first thing though, managing to get through Dropping the Hammer without actually crying. Although I did flap my hand at the screen and gasp "Pass!" when it got to the iso-squats. (Shush)

Now? I can't decide if my traps and delts or my glutes hurt more. I think it may be a tie. Whatever, I'm off for a date with my heat pack.


Sue said...

Kek have you tried that new Powercore Gym in South Morang? I'm starting work near there on the 31st so thought I might try it.... Let me know what you think.

Cherub said...

Sorry to say but I am happy I don't suffer alone!

ss2306 said...

Deadlifting ROCKS!! It's my favourite exercise. Doesn't it make you feel like a strong bitch when you lift it. Woo hoo!

Kek said...

Shelley - my fave too! :o) I do like squats, but DLs are more fun.

Claire, at least the pain tells you that something's happening. ;o)

Sue, I've emailed you....

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