Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Moving on

Friday went off well. The funeral was a fitting tribute to a good man. We had an unusual beginning to the service, drinking a toast to Dad with shot glasses of Glenfiddich. The mourners were probably a bit startled by the idea, but they all joined in readily. I was pleased to be able to say my piece without becoming overwhelmed by emotion - I must have had a flashback to my old amateur acting days or something. The show must go on and all that.... And Mum was very happy with it all, which was the main thing as far as we were all concerned.

That was the closing chapter, and I'm not going to dwell on the sadness any more here - I have to deal with my emotions and only time is going to help with that. Meanwhile, there's no need to drag everyone else down with me.

So this week marks the start of getting back to normal. Yesterday I made the decision not to train, after suffering through another disturbed night, but I did eat well. That's a big improvement on just about any day last week.... And after a few occasions where I indulged in a drink or ten, I'm off the grog again. That should be easy to stick to, since we've gone through everything we had in the house, plus some. LOL.

Today I've been to the gym and trained legs and shoulders, and I'm about to take advantage of the brilliant sunshine and get outdoors for a walk. After that, I have some work to do - emails to reply to, programs to update - then I'll be off to do the school run and fly through the supermarket on the way home. My plan for this evening is to prepare some food for the next couple of days, then settle down to watch a DVD with The Baby.

All nice and normal, just how I like it. Give me three or four weeks and I'm sure I'll be back to feeling like this:


Sara said...

Well done, it's hard to give a eulogy and I'm sure you did him proud!

Raechelle said...

I'm thinking that the shot of alcohol helped maybe a tad? :-) But yes, you are moving along at your own pace...and that's all one can do when it comes to grieving. You'll be back in true WONDER WOMAN action before you know it..when the time is right, that is. Cheers!

Shauna said...

Good on you lovely Kek :)

Annsterw said...

Still in my prayers! Thanks for all you do to inspire me!

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