Friday, August 21, 2009

Must be love

When your beloved wants to cheer you up because you're feeling down and you're sleep-deprived (and it's his fault anyway) and you had a total FAIL in the training and nutrition department, what does he do?

Well, he takes you out for dinner, pays you lots of attention, and presents you with a very special gift. A new book:

Can't wait to get stuck into this!


Sue said...

interesting cover

Debstar said...

Oh that is soooo sweet.

Louise Wedgwood said...

That is a freaky looking cover! But it sounds like you have a sweety there :)

SeLiNa said...

HAHAH!! Gotta love bike boy! Let us know how it reads!
(and LOL - word verfication is 'dethro'... maybe he'll end up there if the book ain't any good huh!) ;)

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