Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Normal creeps back

The past few days have flown by, filled with a seemingly endless list of tasks, meetings, discussions, decisions, phone calls.

Yesterday, I stayed in my pyjamas till lunchtime, scanning photos of Dad to be used in a slideshow tribute at the funeral service. A lot made me smile, a few had me laughing out loud, a couple made me cry.

When I ran out of photos, I made myself go get dressed and then sat down to answer client emails, check food logs, and do some program updates. Other people's lives go on regardless, and being busy is a good thing. I also got together with one of my sisters to work on what we want to say at Friday's service. We feel the need to talk about Dad's unique personality, but neither of us wants to stand up there alone, so we've decided to do it together. Chicken? You bet.

Today, I've answered my client emails, hunted out and ironed shirts for my boys to wear on Friday, folded the mountain of clean washing that's accumulated over the last week, and will shortly be heading out to help Number One Son shop for a new suit and to pick up a few grocery items.

Training has been non-existent - my workout last Thursday seems like months ago now, but it's not even a week. Nutrition has been more than a little off-plan, but today I'm feeling ready to rule a line and make more of an effort. I'm hankering for a Paleo pancake, and if I never have to look at another biscuit (or cup of disgusting instant coffee) again, it'll be way too soon...

I hear my training mojo quietly knocking at the door too, so tomorrow morning I think I'll head to the gym after I drop the kids at school. I may even get in a quick session Friday morning, but I'll play that one by ear.

I know that life will get back to normal, but I'm trying to ease back into that a little now. The thought of my pants being uncomfortably tight when I head back to work next week is pretty strong motivation. :o)


Raechelle said...

It all comes together eventually...glad you're getting back into a groove.

ms_attitude said...

Kerryn, I've been sadly neglectful of reading blogs of late and I find this. I am so sorry to hear of your loss, I know how particularly hard it is regardless of the state of their health. I know that in one way you feel relief, and then you feel guilty for feeling relieved, because there's such a hole.
Life does get back to normal, and the sooner you can get it back to normal the better. Better to have life to focus on, rather than dwell on the other.
Big hugs xx

Pip said...

I know I'm late to comment here, - I am really sad to hear about the recent events. It must be really tough, thinking of you :)

Unknown said...

All the very best for Friday Kerryn. I;ll be thinking of you xx

Debstar said...

Thinking of you today Kek. Hope there is much laughter amongst the tears.

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