Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Recessionista update

Remember my vow to buy no clothes at all this year? I thought I'd give a quick update on how that's all going...

We're halfway through August, so that's almost two-thirds of the year gone, and while I may not have managed to buy NOTHING, I haven't done too badly. Here's the extent of my sins:

April - I simply could not resist two Lorna Jane hoodies at bargain prices at the Fitness Expo. In my defence, I had actually worn out my favourite LJ hoodie (would you believe the fabric is transparent in places?), winter was imminent and the grey/navy one was sooooo warm. As for the hot pink velour job ....what the hell, I bought two so I'd have a spare!

August - I finally got around to getting me some Skins compression tights. Hey, with my crappy recovery genes, these are practically medical equipment, so I'm not even counting them.

Also August - Last week I picked up a gorgeous bright lime green 3/4 sleeve fine knit cardigan to go over my favourite LBD. This wasn't planned, but I needed something for Dad's funeral. I think I can ignore this one too; exceptional circumstances and all...

August again - I replaced my disgustingly worn-out black ankle boots and after two years of fruitless searching actually found a pair of black pumps that I can wear for the entire day, and that don't look like your Nanna's orthopaedic shoes. Footwear was exempted from my no-shopping oath, so these don't count either. Oh - also, they were factory outlet bargains, and the boots had an extra 30% off in their end of winter sale.

Other than that, I was driven to replace some undies that had seen better days. I went into the Bonds shop and walked straight out again: who in their right mind pays $10-14 for a single pair of cotton-poly blend hipster knickers? Good old K Mart came through with three pairs (in pretty colours too) for $12.99. I stocked up. :o) Again, underwear was exempt.

So, once I disregard all the stuff that doesn't count, I've bought the grand total of ONE item (that'd be the extra hoodie).

Don't argue with my maths, you won't win.

I think I deserve a gold star. Also? I've rediscovered a lot of nice things in my wardrobe.....


I would post a photo of my new shoes, but the most useless corporation in the world, Microsoft, has "helpfully" installed some crappy Windows update on my laptop that appears to have completely disabled my camera software. *sigh* I shall have to wait for Bike Boy to return home and rescue me from my own technical incompetence.


Cherub said...

Pffft - gold star - I think you deserve a new outfit - doh!

Raechelle said...

OK, so when bikeboy gets home...I'm thinking you need to do a full on fashion bonanza of pics....well-I suppose you could pass on the undies...unless you really, really feel like showing them across the entire world of internet...to each his own as Grandma always said...LOL
Anyway-good for you in keeping such a close eye on what you actually bought over the last 8 months! Damn good girl!

Jehanne said...

you do make me laugh

Debstar said...

Hey, you live in Melbourne, even the extra hoodie is a 'must have' in my opinion.
Just think of all the money you can spend on your Melbourne Cup outfit.

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