Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Dum brane - werk, dammit!

I am completely and utterly out of blogging inspiration at the moment. I have approximately one billion partly-written posts (or cryptic notes that apparently relate to blogging ideas I've had at some stage or another), but none of them rings my bell today.

In fact, I feel completely flat and uninspired in general this morning, in spite of a solid night's sleep and a big drop on the scales since yesterday. I think a dose of Spring sunshine is required, and then maybe some spiced cranberry cookies and a cuppa.

Yeah. Let's see if that helps.

P.S. Any suggestions or requests for blog topics, let me know. Maybe something will kick my brain back into gear again.


ss2306 said...

Did the cookies help honey? The sound devine.

Kek said...

Dunno if they helped, but they were bloody delish! :p

Debstar said...

If you need some light-hearted time out google Chuck Norris facts. Maybe there's something that you can do better than Chuck that you can brag about.

Vix said...

OMG Kek, as I sit here eating my scrambled egg whites with mushed up cauliflower, splenda and nutmeg, reading your post...I am drooling... YUM!!

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