Sunday, September 27, 2009

Forward motion

Plans A to E are progressing - some faster than others.

On the keeping occupied front, I've done a major renovation of our outdoor furniture, which I'm pretty proud of. If only the weather hadn't turned all to crap, we might actually be able to use it.... Anyway, the therapeutic value of physical labour can't be over-emphasised. Especially when you get to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Plan D has been featuring heavily. The Baby and I saw Up on Friday morning, we've been out for lunch, and had a peaceful (and almost bogan-free) shopping experience yesterday arvo while 99% of Melbournians were glued to their TVs watching some sporting event or other. We've also watched a stack of DVDs, and today we went out for breakfast. He's good company - possibly a bit unusual for an almost 14-year-old boy, but he's very sweet and loving and he makes me laugh a lot. :o)

Plan E is all about taking care of myself, so another visit to the physio on Friday helped with that. On another level, Bike Boy and I are also making an effort to get out more and we have plans to catch up with friends a lot more often.

Plans B & C will happen, but it may take me a few weeks to sort those out.

Slowly, slowly.... I need to reign in my impatience and remember that I don't have to achieve everything at once; I just have to keep moving forward.


Sara said...

Yay, that all sounds super positive! Remember to take you fish oil. It helps keep a sunny outlook.

Big hugs.

Fifi said...

I'm taking MY baby to see UP tomorrow. Can't wait! And YES omg fish oil is fabulous!!

Unknown said...

Yeah..what WAS that all about on Saturday arvo???

Kek said...

I have no idea Linda, but it was lovely to be able to shop without crowds. :o)

Debstar said... It works well

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