Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Fotografic Food Fest

What do you do when you're out of blogging inspiration? Bore everyone to death with a what I ate yesterday post, of course.... :o)


My favourite... protein porridge - 50g rolled oats, vanilla whey and a little skim milk.


Banana Paleo pancake (and a few almonds):


Vietnamese chicken mince with rice noodles and green beans. I added half a bunch of broccolini to this today.


Vanilla-cranberry cookies and green tea.


Had a Vietnamese thing going on today. Sizzling garlic-chilli chicken with stir-fried veg. And uh....I completely forgot to take a photo. Oops. Cold leftovers aren't going to photograph too well, so I'll skip it.

All delicious, all healthy and very little processed food in that lot.

And as a bonus, I now have lunch ready-made for the next two days, plus two more serves of cookies. So getting through my couple of *yawn* nine-to-five office days should be a breeze. Even if I am surrounded by fundraiser chocolates. There really should be a law....


ss2306 said...

Yummy yummy!! Who doesn't love photos of healthy, delicious food?

I only ever buy fundraiser chocolates for the kids (wink)!

Raechelle said...

Yummy looking as usual!
Thank you so much for all of your kind words and support. It means so much to me-I really and truly do appreciate it.
Thank you!

Christina said...

It could never be boring being inspired by yummy food! I love food! And I love reading people's blogs about food!

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