Sunday, September 20, 2009

Gym optional

My workouts this weekend have been a bit unorthodox. They consisted of:

- Washing every window on our McMansion.(upper body)
- Weeding the entire back yard - a big job, since we had knee-high milk thistles, marshmallow weed, stinging nettles, and God knows what else everywhere. Four large wheelbarrow loads, in fact. (posterior chain)
- Sweeping three billion cubic metres of dust and crap out of the garage and al fresco room, thanks to the constantly windy weather we've been having. (chest, triceps and abs)
- Moving a delivery of 400mm square concrete pavers from the nature strip to the back yard. (pretty much everything got worked with that!)

The result is very satisfying, but every muscle in my body hurts. Even my fingers. I feel about a thousand years old.


I know I'm practising being all calm and serene, but my stress levels went through the roof this afternoon, when The Middle Child needed a parent to supervise his driving and Bike Boy was busy. If I'd had some Valium handy, I might have been tempted to down one before heading off.

Control freaks should never be in the passenger seat when a sixteen year old is in charge of the car.

Just ask Debstar.


LizN said...

I love it. In your honour I am having all my vegetables at the local Thai restaurant tonight.

Kek said...

Ha! I had mine at the local Indian restaurant last night....


Raechelle said...

It's good to get out out and do yardwork instead of gym stuff...It's satisfying and takes lots of muscle!
Good for you!

Debstar said...

Kek, I have been so scared I couldn't even say "stay in your lane" I just screamed instead.

Driving instructor is NOT a career option for me.

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