Thursday, September 03, 2009

Oh no! Somebody stole my super-powers!

Last night I got home from work late, tired and with a teensy headache. Oh well, thinks I, I won't do that weights workout I planned. And I put on my PJs, answered my client emails and had a quick chat to Miss Liz on the phone, while Bike Boy cooked dinner.

Of course, my conscience got the better of me, and I changed my mind. By the time dinner was done with, I was looking forward to moving some metal. But my body had other ideas. My decline pushups were sluggish, my barbell rows a bit Meh! and then I lined myself up to do some chin ups.

I stood on my step, positioned my hands just so, gripped the bar and PULLED, and.... nothing. Huh? Not one single unassisted rep could I manage. I sighed, grabbed my band and cranked out a few difficult assisted chins. Man, those extra few kilos make a difference!

I shook off my grumpy mood and got myself organised for some bench presses, enlisting Bike Boy's help as a spotter. I'll just warm up on 35kg, says I.... Yeah, right! I struggled through four reps at that weight. By the final set, my arms were shaking and I barely got three out. What happened to last week's super strength?

I've had this happen before, and usually with no obvious reason, so I just figured next time will be better and didn't give it another thought.

This morning, the joy continued. I couldn't deadlift 60kg. I was feeling it with only 40kg. *sulks*

Whoever stole my super-strength: I want it back.


Sara said...

I'e got them! Or, I had them yesterday, today I've just got DOMS.

Maybe because you are coming out of your chocolate and cakes phase? I mean, carbs may be fattening but they also make us stronger. Sad fact.

ss2306 said...

What? And I was expecting to see a 50 kg bench this week (damn).

Some days training is awesome, some days it simply sux. Yesterday was the latter. As least you know it'll only go up!

Had you had your carbs honey??

ss2306 said...

Forgot to say "LOVE YOUR POSTER". How'd you do that?

Kek said...

Sara - I'll give you a box of Koko Black choccies if you send 'em back.

Shelley - of COURSE I've had my carbs. LOL. Do I ever go without those? Prolly just one of those "things".

Can't really blame my gigantic arse for my struggles with deadlifts this morning, can I? :p

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