Friday, September 11, 2009

Salad love

Sometimes it's hard for others to understand what drives health and fitness-focused people. Why do we do the things we do, and more importantly, why do we feel inadequate (or fat), or as though we've failed (or fat), or like we're never really good enough (or...just fat)?

Those who haven't yet found their own groove - or those who have no desire to change their lifestyle anyway - scratch their heads and cannot comprehend how someone who's lost 30kg, has completed a few fitness events and who helps others to achieve their goals, can possibly feel inadequate. If I vent a little while having a minor down-in-the-dumps moment, this is the kind of thing I hear from most of the people I know:

Pfft, you've got nothing to worry about!
Look at you - you're skinny!
Ah, at least you don't have this! (grabbing the flesh spilling over the top of their pants)
Just relax and have a piece of cake - you can afford it.

Sure, they mean well, but those comments do NOT help. Especially when I've had a really rough couple of months and I'm still nowhere near achieving my small fat loss goal. It may not be a life-and-death matter, but it's important to ME, okay?

So it's a very lucky thing that I do have some solid support from Bike Boy. Take last night for example. I got home about five minutes after he did, and walked into the kitchen to unpack some shopping and my food containers. I was feeling particularly crappy, and he picked up on that (maybe it was the slump of my shoulders and the scowl on my face that gave it away...).

BB: What's the matter?
Me: Nothing.
BB: Yes there is....what's wrong?
BB: (wrapping his arms around me) You're not fat.
Me: Yes I am. And I'm hormonal and I'm sick of it and I'm being a miserable cow. And you know what I had for lunch?
BB: What?
Me: (dramatic pause)......A PIE.
BB: A pie? (Laughs at me)
Me: Yes, a PIE. And it was a bloody good pie too. But that's not the point...I felt crappy, and my pants are tight and I feel like a small hippo, so what do I do? I EAT MORE CRAPPY FOOD. Yeah, that'll help....
BB: (Still laughing at me) I'll make you a nice healthy dinner. With veggies and all.

And he did. With a home-made vinaigrette on my salad, what's more.

“A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.” - and a husband is someone who does all of that, puts up with your obvious insanity, reassures you that you're not fat, AND makes you bbq chicken and salad for dinner.


Cherub said...

You've got a good 'un Kerryn and I'm pretty sure he must feel the same too! What a team! xx

ss2306 said...

Ohhh I love your husband. Give him a hug from me too please.

LizN said...

Well I'm glad if you enjoyed said pie :) I'm feeling a bit soft myself, but hey, at least we know what to do to fix the problem!

Sandra said...

Aaaww, what a gem that Bike Boy of yours is, Kek...reading your little conversation brought tears to my eyes...BTW, it's spooky but I had a very similar episode with my lunch yesterday...only I had quiche...;-)

Debstar said...

Well, some husbands do. Wanna swap?

Sara said...

Gosh, it's a good job you've got a hubby like Bikeboy when you've got friends like me that just send chocolate! I'll be more supportive from now on. I will send Ryvita. ;)

Fifi said...

I want one.

Trixie said...

I love that quote! Glad you have such a wonderful best friend to support you, it makes a big difference!

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