Thursday, October 08, 2009

The big plan

I love, love, LOVE daylight saving. But I hate the first week after it starts, when my body just goes: WTF, Dude? You expect me to get up at 4:15am? Are you SERIOUS??

It seems I always take a week or so to adjust to the shift in time. It's like having jetlag, only without the fun of having been somewhere warm and tropical. *sigh*

It sucks extra-bonus big hairy ones this year, because it happens to coincide with a few days of severe sleep deprivation for me, due to a whole lot of ridiculous circumstances. I also have raging PMS. Suffice it to say, "cranky" does not begin to describe my mood just at the moment. And of course, every little annoyance is being blown completely out of proportion, resulting in some pretty ugly meltdowns.

Last night I decided that it was best if I just shut myself in a room alone, away from everybody else. Much safer that way for all concerned.

My aim for today is to get through my trip to work, my day at the office, my trip home, another client session and then a couple of hours of family time without leaving a trail of bodies in my wake.

This sums up my carefully planned strategy:

Yeah. I think that'll work.


LizN said...

sounds reasonable to me!

Debstar said...

I don't know so much. Boiling hot coffee could be considered an assault weapon in the hands of a woman with PMS.

Yikes, did I argue with you then?!! *backs slowly out of the room*

Sara said...

ooooo, that sounds nasty. I had Miss J staying last night and she DOES have jetlag, having just returned from Europe. A 4yo with jetlag is no fun at 5am.. It's NEARLY MORNING Aunty Sara... I'M HUNGRY. Being that it precisely equals dinner time in Liechtenstein, she requires sustaining food like cheese on toast at stupid o'clock. At least it's cheerful company ;))

Carolyn said...

Ahhh, Kek, dunno how you like daylight saving. I'm grateful I'm living (and have lived in) places which don't do it (NT, QLD and WA, before they tried it again last year and voted it out....again LOL!!)- I really prefer the daylight in the early morning as I'm no nightowl!! Getting up in Gladdy and going to the gym at 5.15am and it's already daylight - fantastic!! Only bummer here in Darwin is that sunrise is not nearly as early :(.
Hope your day improves! Hey, weekend is nearly here!
Carolyn xx

Magda said...

Hey Kek,

I also love Daylight Saving but have found this switch over really hard. Too much worry about whether I'll have a home or not and then the move itself has left me sleep deprived too. Ooooh and getting up at 5 (well actually 4) on Tuesday was NASTY!!


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