Sunday, October 04, 2009

Blog drama

I read a lot of blogs, although I may not comment on most of them. There just aren't the hours in my days to get too involved, but I love to see the different ways people approach life's challenges. I've learned about numerous new things and given many a try. Some have been brilliantly successful (Body-for-LIFE, PN, Spinervals DVDs, to name a few), some an utter disaster (I am NEVER doing Afterburn again...yikes!) and there are others that I simply have zero interest in trying (anything involving fasting, detoxes, cleanses or the like are high on my list there!).

But the point is, it's all information, it all feeds into the computer known as my brain, and gets processed and filed.... and in the end, everything has an influence on the way I think. One of life's little jokes is that sometimes, something that you once thought completely ridiculous and would never, ever do, turns out to be the best thing you ever tried. I've had to eat my words more than once in that respect...

What's my point here? There's been a bit of drama in blogland the past couple of days, and this is my take on it. Magda already stole my thunder, as far as one of the main points I was going to make is concerned. As I commented on her post: without tone of voice, facial expression and body language, it's easy to take written words the wrong way. A well-intentioned comment or question can be interpreted as negative criticism - I see it happening all the time (BTW, if I'm ever tempted to become a moderator on another forum, somebody please slap me!).

I've been watching with interest as a few bloggers have done an almost u-turn from where they were a short while ago. Not only Shelley and Katie, but several other high-achieving ladies who I admire, are stepping out in completely new directions. I don't necessarily want to follow in their footsteps, but it's turning out to be bloody fascinating to observe so far. And I like that they challenge the status quo, even when that includes many of my pet theories and core beliefs. We humans have a tendency to get defensive when people question what we do or why we do it, but surely open and honest discussion is a good thing?

I have to say that in spite of claims to the contrary, I've not seen any negativity. At least it hasn't seemed that way from my perspective - I've seen only questioning and searching for answers, and overall looking for a better way of living life. I'm pretty sure that's a common human theme....

Anyway, I'll just add that Shelley is a gem. I've been very lucky to have known her now for almost three years, since I first "met" her as an online client* back in late 2006, and since then as a friend. She's become someone I look up to in many ways, and she has the biggest heart I've ever come across. She's rescued me from my own misery more than once with kind words and good advice. There's nothing like a timely email, text or call from someone who's been there and knows what you're going through when you're feeling like utter crap.

I don't want to try everything Miss Lift-Heavy-Shit Shelley does, but I'm fascinated by some of the things she's finding on her journey of self-discovery. Some make me raise my eyebrows, some make me nod my head in agreement, but it's all interesting in its own way. And boy, watching somebody grow and overcome their own self-imposed limitations is inspiring.

Anyway, all this debate/argument/drama has highlighted something else for me (yes, I love to find the lesson in everything): The next time that somebody questions why I've taken up juggling carving knives while riding a unicycle, or whatever my latest adventure may be, I'll make a determined effort NOT to get defensive and tell the person to sod off. Instead, I'll try very hard to consider their opinion and enter into a discussion on the subject.

I've found in the past that explaining my actions and intentions to somebody else is often an enlightening experience for ME. Often we do things without really considering whether it's the best way, or the right thing at all. So when we're challenged about it, and have to come up with reasons why, that can initiate some soul-searching and there can be a light-bulb moment - it may cement my certainty about why I've chosen the path I'm on. Or it may make me realise that oops, I got it completely wrong. Either way, it's a good thing.

....Got a bit rambly there. Sorry. :o)

* I've always been proud to have played a very small part in Shelley's journey, but I have to say that in many ways, the student out-stripped the teacher long, long ago. LOL.

Edit: For the benefit of those not in the know, I'll just add a couple of links to save you trawling around blogland, going Who? What? What'd I miss??? Check out Liz's posts here and here and ye shall be enlightened.


ss2306 said...

Sending a BIG hug your way beautiful lady.

LizN said...

Great post Kerryn!

Carolyn said...

Hi Kerryn,
This is exactly how I feel on it too. You have probably expressed it a heck of a lot better than I would though! I liken this stuff to constructive criticism - we don't like to hear it sometimes, but it makes us stop and think about things.
Hope you are keeping well!!
Carolyn :)

Magda said...

Hi Kek,

sorry didnt mean to steal anyone's thunder but I think you've really nailed it in your post tonight.

:-) Magda

One of my Hobby Blogs said...

i guess it;s all about perspective, see if someone said something (I didn't like) on my blog (and it would have to be obviously rude as opposed to ambiguous) i'd delete it, it's my blog and they can take it or leave it. Like you said, many a post is read, and not commented on. If someone feels the need to say something unpleasant (as I saw on a building blog of one of my followers tonight where they had outright said she chose horrible colours that would clash - and BTW, they wouldn't, they were great colours - signed off ANON) then I'd delete it. what's that kinda stuff staying on my blog, that costs them nothing to view - ungrateful buggas!!! haha ANYway, I see your point on ambiguous comments. I saw another blogger the other week say she'd got her first "neg" comment, but when you read it, it was really just ambiguous, not really offensive... that one probably wouldn't have worried me. You're obviously a positive thinker! good onya kek

Shauna said...

As an outsider trying to figure wtf went on, it would so much easier to follow this blog drama if people linked to the actual permalink of the drama entries in their posts, instead of just the blog! Hehe :)

Kek said...

Sorry Luv, I should know better....


Anonymous said...

after browsing a lot of crappy blogs today, thisone is really a delight!

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