Friday, October 09, 2009

The cure

The ability of the human brain to forget stuff never ceases to amaze me.

I've been dragging myself around, feeling awful - actually, "awful" doesn't begin to describe it. I don't think the English language even has a word for how bad I was feeling. Anyway.... The LAST thing I felt like doing was training. That was scaring me a bit because it rarely happens, and definitely not for any prolonged period. But I'd think idly about it, and just go blah!

I managed a few odd workouts here and there, but simply didn't have the desire to do anything on a regular basis. Then yesterday, I had a new client to train and her goal is to improve her running. I needed to see where she was starting from, so off we set last night for a short, slow run. I was actually a little fearful that I wouldn't make it - can't remember the last time I ran - but we did a nice slow and steady 20 minutes around the neighbourhood and surprise! I didn't drop dead. In fact, I could have kept going for quite a bit longer.

My client commented to me that she probably would have walked from about the ten-minute mark if she'd been on her own, and I laughed and admitted that I probably would have too.

We finished up with some strength work and stretching, discussed her training schedule for the coming week until our next session, and said goodbye. I sat down shortly afterwards to eat the home-made pizza Bike Boy had made, and was chatting away to him..... and it occurred to me that I was feeling HAPPY.

Endorphins. How on earth did I forget how those things make you feel? Stupid brain.


Magda said...

Too true Kek. I dont particularly like running but I LOVE how it makes me feel afterwards. Fanbloodytastic!


Debstar said...

Sad to say running never makes me feel fanbloodytastic. I hate it from start to finish and sometimes for hours afterwards (when my knees hurt). Cycling makes me happy, so does swimming. Maybe Coach is calling you to get back on that bike and you haven't been listening hard enough.

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