Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Dear Politicians,

What IDIOT decided that daylight saving should begin the day before the kids go back to school? Hello??? Obviously not a parent who has to get their little darlings out of bed at 7:00am after two weeks of sleeping in, and what effectively amounts to a change of time zones the day before.

I know you people like to keep the participating eastern states all aligned and everything, but a little consideration for the different school timetables might be in order here. And since Qld is already out of whack, what difference would it make if we here in Vic were too, for a week or so?


Pissed-off Parent


Debstar said...

Hey! Queensland is not out of whack, it's the rest of Australia who can't get it right.

Sara said...

Oh. They did that??? Crazy.

Shar said...

PS - Please ensure WA gets 'with it' someday in the 'future'.

Yours Sincerely

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