Thursday, October 01, 2009

Life's good

Things are improving - I still have my up-and-down days, but at least I'm just doing it anyway.

We've had a couple of non-rainy days in a row, so the ground has dried out a bit and I was able to take my early morning client over to the park for some fun and games. I love outdoor training, and the weather was just perfect for it - cool and overcast.

Step-ups, sprints, pushups, squats, some walk/jog intervals, lat pulldowns with a band hooked over the playground equipment, more sprints, dips, x-band walks.... I love the variety. What a fantastic way to start the day! The good thing about these sessions is that I get to have a bit of a workout too.

No gym? No equipment at home? No excuse.


The usual Spring rush has really hit with a vengeance. I'm signing up new clients like there's no tomorrow and have almost hit my limit. Onliners, one-on-one clients with all sorts of different goals, and I'm doing a genetic profile consult for someone at the moment too (I love doing these, they really bring out my inner geek).

I love variety in my work too - among others, I have runners, numerous fat loss the-whole-shebang clients, a handful of fitness professionals who want help with nutrition, and a couple trying to overcome health issues. I'm having fun with it, but I'm being mindful of my tendency to take on more than I can really handle, so I've already said no to a few.

I hate to disappoint people, but I do need to take care of ME as well. Gee, maybe I'm learning....


I should be at work, but had to wait here for the dishwasher repair guy, so it's a late start for me today. Not complaining....

I'd better run though. Dishwasher's all put back together, so it must be time to go.


ss2306 said...

Number 1 rule - Take care of YOU!!

As we get older maybe we are getting wiser.

Glad to hear you're on the up and up.

LizN said...

Hooray for being on the up and up, it's a good feeling = don't get yourself too busy though!

Debstar said...

Be kind to yourself. Saying No is as simple as rounding those lips.

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