Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mission accomplished

The party went extremely well, in spite of my not doing my usual insane over-achieving thing and running around frantically handmaking all the food and decorations and weaving extra chairs out of raffia. I made a conscious decision to NOT work myself into a stressed-out mess for once, so the planning went something like this:

Friday: Wander down to the party supplies shop to meet my sister and buy a pack of frozen finger food, plus a slab of chocolate cake. Cut up cake, put it in the fridge to defrost. Stick everything else in the freezer. Have at least seven phone conversations with my sister, checking on final details. Have a few wines.

Saturday: Train a client, answer some emails, faff around a bit, then finally start cleaning the house. Lose interest part way through and hide stuff in the laundry. Have a few wines.

Sunday: Get out of bed eventually, have breakfast, coffee, more coffee, and then get dressed and drive to Coles for the extra things we need. Decide NOT to make a batch of mini scones because we already have enough food to feed a small army battalion. Wonder if it's too early to have a few wines. Decide that it probably is. make some sandwiches, arrange food on plates, rearrange the furniture to accommodate 70 people.

After that it was a blur of greeting hordes of people, many of whom I hardly knew or had never met, heating finger food and handing trays to the nearest child - they were all on waiter duty - and giving umpteen people the grand tour of the house. And there may have been a few wines consumed, but I'm not telling.

Not changing the subject or anything, but how gorgeous are these little cakes from Paterson's?

And they were just as delicious as they look. Especially the chocolate ones, filled with mousse. Mmmm.

Oh...and Mum had a lovely time, and she didn't have to do a thing. :)


ss2306 said...

I bet your mummy loved the party.

Those cakes look orgasmic.

How many wines did you have?? Wish I was there to have them with you.

Anonymous said...

OMG they look delicious, I so want some. I just might have to try some one weekend especially if they're as good as you say they are Kek.

If it's not to much trouble can you delete my current link on your blog roll and enter www.liahalsall.com, thank you.


Kek said...

Shelley, my lips are sealed about the wines... but I'm back on the wagon now. :)

They're definitely special occasion cakes, Lia - you'll faint if you find out the price. LOL.

Will fix the blog link pronto... hmm, haven't done any housekeeping on my blogroll for ages.

Anonymous said...

You get what you pay for I guess and I don't mind paying for quality treats. But out of curiosity, how much is an individual one worth Kek?

Anonymous said...

I'm heading back to my hairdressers in a couple of weeks on chapel street so guess where I'm heading afterwards? LOL!!

Kek said...

Well, my sister bought them, so I don't remember the exact price, but it's around $3 a tiny cake. ...That's about $1 a bite. Or $1.50 if you have a big mouth. :)

They're definitely good, and so pretty.

Cherub said...

sounds just perfect

Anonymous said...

Holy shit - they look awesome!!! I was reading an article the other day about food stylists - such an interesting job making food look radical!

I'm certain the party was just gorgeous like you x

Vix said...

OMG, I actually just tried to reach into my laptop and grab one of those delish buggers out!!

BRB...going to get a napkin to wipe the drool off my keyboard!!

Magda said...

that sound like my type of party prep ... all the wines that is.

:-) magda

Kathryn said...

sounds like a great way to plan a party. I get so caught up in the whole "I *have* to do this, and maybe I need an extra whatever..." when most of the time no one even notices anyway!
those cakes look heaven :)

Debstar said...

A long time ago I discovered that the parties that served the simplest food with the least amount of fuss always seemed to be the ones I enjoyed going to the most. Better to have it simple with a laid-back (pissed) hostess than some stressed out woman who doesn't have the time to speak to anyone 'cause she's working too hard.

I think I put on a kilo just by looking at those cakes. Thanks for that!

Fifi said...

hahahah 'hide stuff in laundry'. Last time I had people over I couldn't be bothered washing my 2 million tupperware containers that were sitting on the sink so I put them all in a garbage bag and chucked em in the shed. Did the same to the kids clothes. Cleaning...pffft!

LizN said...

cakes look awesome. Well done, kiddo, you made it!

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