Sunday, October 04, 2009


Yesterday, as planned, I did a workout while I was at the gym, and I decided to train legs. Today I can barely move. My legs don't really want to work at all, and my upper back has (strangely) decided to join in. I really need to work on my squat technique when it comes to holding the bar in place. I don't think my traps should be working that hard...

So, what was this mega-challenging workout that I did, that's generated such a severe dose of DOMS? Nothing much, as it turns out. Only this:

3 sets of 5 heavyish barbell squats (50kg)
3 sets of 8 suitcase deadlifts. Can't remember the weight, I think 12.5kg?
3 sets of 8 single-leg glute bridging.

That's what you get for taking a break from training....good thing I wasn't all gung-ho about it and kept it short and simple.


Unknown said...

Hi Kerryn!

Have you ever tried squats with the bar on the front of your shoulders (hands crossed over in front of you to support the bar)... I find I can't support the bar enough over the back of my shoulders because of slightly limited rotator cuff flexibility- therefore the whole weight is taken by my traps... not good! :)

I loved your last post too.. I've been sitting back taking it all in without making comment however my opinion pretty much mirrors yours..



Kek said...

Thanks Ash - I certainly do front squats at times, but as you'd know, holding the bar that way alters the way you squat, so you work your muscles a bit differently. They're both great exercises and I use both - along with DB squats, box squats, plate squats, plyo squats, uneven squats, iso squats and any other kind I can think of.

Can you guess I love squats? :o)

ss2306 said...

50 kg's squat ain't no wimp weight schweetie!! That's a strongwoman squat!

Kek said...

Aww fanks, Shelley... coming from YOU, that's a compliment indeed!

Just quietly, I can struggle through a few at 60kg on a good day, but I wasn't about to push my luck after at least two weeks of doing zip.

My butt really hurts! LOL

Unknown said...

I think my legs are going out in sympathy!!! that sounds just awesome!

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