Friday, November 13, 2009

More, please!

If one more person says to me "Ugh! This hot weather is AWFUL. I wish it would cool down" I might just smack them in the head.

We have just suffered through a LONG, cold, wet, windy and completely miserable winter, and I am thriving on the sunshine and high temperatures. 30 degrees is just about perfect in my world.

Yes, some rain would be nice, but I'm enjoying being able to go for a walk, take clients outdoors and not be spending squillions of dollars on gas for heating our giant-sized house.

Winter makes me cold, depressed and crabby. Sunshine and warmth lifts my spirits, and I don't have to wear twelve layers of clothing (and that's just to bed!).

So if you're thinking of complaining to me about the heat, just shut it, OK? You've been warned....


Vix said...

Couldn't agree more, Kek! Bring on the 30+ degree days I say!!

Magda said...

I'm with you 110%. Its finally hot so enjoy it. Havent we suffered through enough cold and shivering our ar*es off. I'm relishing the heat (and its damn hot here in Adelaide!!) and cant get enough of it. Summer makes me happy and I feel alive. You wont haer me complaining about it being hot!!

:-) Magda

Raechelle said...

Was wondering where you've been...I guess you've been out enjoying the sun!'s been raining cats and dogs up here...very out of season.
Have a nice weekend!

Shar said...

here here!! I have been hanging for the temps to pick up, I think it been a little later coming this year in Perth, but has started to kick in now.

I would die if I went back to the UK!!

Shar x

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