Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bring on the celebrations!

It seems the Chinese herbal thingummies are working. Whether they're responsible or not, the level of insanity has decreased significantly anyway, so I'm feeling pretty optimistic. The hot flushes have reduced to just a few a day and they're shortlived and mostly very minor - sometimes I'm halfway through one before I even notice it.

During the last several weeks of rampaging hormones and restless, sleep-deprived nights, keeping my beast locked down was increasingly difficult. It actually made quite a few successful bids for freedom before I caught it and slapped it down. And of course, poor nutrition choices and lack of training only added to the stress and drama, both physically and psychologically.

All I can say is: thank goodness that's over. (And cross my fingers and hope things don't get quite that bad again.)

Now that my brain is functional again, maybe I can finally catch up on those blogs and emails.


So...I'm well into the Christmas planning, although this year I'm taking a slightly "whatever..." approach to the day. We're hitting the supermarket tonight armed with a list, and I'll be cooking a couple of desserts and doing some cleaning on Thursday, and that's about the extent of the preparation. Relaxed is my theme for once, instead of OMG, it all has to be PERFECT.


School obligations finished last week (thank GOD) with both kids finishing up with really good reports. The Middle Child received an academic award for topping the class in Music Industry. He came second in the class for Music Performance, so my plan to keep all his old crap to sell on eBay when he's a famous rock star is shaping up well.


I'm thinking about goals and plans for next year. This year didn't turn out quite as I planned, but I'm not feeling any sense of failure at all. I'm actually pleased with my ability to use some common sense and change direction when the need arose.

If I'd attempted to keep on with my original plans in the midst of all the crap I endured, I suspect I'd have been in a much worse place right now.

Instead, when life threw shit at me, I canned the competing goal altogether, scaled back my personal training work and took some positive steps to get my head and my body sorted out. The past six months haven't been fun, but they haven't been all bad either. Most importantly, I'm confident that I'm stronger and better equipped to face up to problems in future.

And I'm looking forward to next year.


Anonymous said...

and so you shouldn't feel like a failure Kek! You haven't failed at ANYTHING - in fact you have been smart and progressed. Like you - i've had a hard year but instead of looking at it negatively - i've come out a stronger and smarter person and so ARE YOU xx

Kek said...

Thanks Fernie. *huge hug*

Kathryn said...

Relaxed is the best Christmas. No one sits around saying - remember that Christmas when the house was perfectly spotless!

It's been a tough year. Hoping 2010 is much better.

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