Saturday, December 05, 2009


It's been so long since I posted on this blog that I don't even know where to start. I've been: a) busy; b) exhausted; and c) more than a little mental.... consequently, I've not had time or inclination for blogging. I actually did start two blog posts over the past couple of weeks, but never got them finished.

So, by way of some sort of update, here's a summary of the past few weeks. Among other things, I've been:

- Having weekly physio treatments on my shoulder, neck and thoracic area. The past couple of weeks my tennis elbow flared up again, so my physio went all Spanish Inquisition with the torture and stuck needles in me instead of just his thumbs and elbows. Good thing it's improving.

- Getting my second head removed. I have a nice neat scar in the middle of my forehead now, instead of a lump. It's healing up well and I'm confident that it'll be unnoticeable in a year's time.

- Decorating the house for Christmas. New (gigantic) tree and sparkly bits everywhere. Even Buddha got all festive.

- Getting (unwillingly) moved to a different team at work. Bloody budget cuts, grrr! I'm back in an area where I'll be doing some field work. Ugh. I started there last Monday, and on Wednesday put in a 12-hour day in the field. Good thing I'm used to 5:30am starts. Also good that I can claim some extra allowances. And flex time.

- Becoming a demon eBay trader. I sold the kids' school textbooks and bought most of the ones they need for next year. I also sold some unwanted household bits and pieces, and I have some clothes on offer (with bids pending) at the moment. Best of all, I picked up some bargains for myself: Billabong jeans for $6, and a dress and pants for $14.

- Sorting out kids school fees, books and stationery for next year. I now only have to buy three textbooks, one graph paper pad, one compass and one protractor before the start of Term 1. Organised? You bet!

- Working on the landscaping plans and quotes. We've narrowed it down to a landscaper we're happy with, but need to make a few changes - not to mention some cutbacks to shave a little off the price - and we expect to have it done in February.

- Making arrangements for the family Christmas Day do, which is at our place this year. My sisters have been assigned various dishes to make, we have the turkey in the freezer and the alcohol in the garage, Bike Boy has been brewing beer, and most of the rest can be done in the week prior. I'm taking the relaxed approach.... I also have the Chrsitmas shopping under control; I've just got a couple of things to pick up and then have to figure out what to give my own kids.

- Dealing with some nasty hormonal stuff. A month of hot flushes hasn't been a barrel of laughs. Apart from being unpleasant and inconvenient, it's been interrupting my sleep pretty badly. *sigh* I really don't need this just now.

- Initiating Operation Mop-up after the freak storm that hit my part of Melbourne last week. We were unlucky enough to be in the narrow band that had a trillion millimetres of rain and hail dumped on us in the space of 15 minutes. The stormwater system couldn't cope and spouting overflowed in both we had water running into the roof cavity and making its way out through light fittings and fans. Indoor water features were never part of my decorating plans....

There's more been going on, but it's mostly pretty uninteresting. Oh, except I did have a birthday this week. Now I have vouchers and cash to go shopping with. :) When I can brace myself to brave the feral Christmas-shopping crowds. :(


KatieP said...

Welcome back ~ I DID miss you! What a jam packed filled last couple of weeks you poor thing.
Happy birthday -- I hope life is less frantic from here on in.
[PS I can relate to the night sweats, no fun but mine seem to have gone away for now so maybe they are sporadic?)

Cherub said...

wow - you have been busy. You put me to shame, I am no where near as organised.

Anonymous said...

so nice to have you back Kek x

Unknown said...

Glad to see you are still in the land of the living! I was beginning to wonder.

Raechelle said...

Welcome back. Sounds exhausting! Sorry to hear about the hormonal issues :-(

I hope 2010 brings some sanity to your life!

(I'm with Bike Boy on Buddha!) :-)

Debstar said...

Happy Birthday, Kerryn. Did you have enough breath in you to blow out allllll those candles. lol

Shauna said...

SO good to see you here again :) Sounds like things have indeed been mental. Hope you get a decent break at Crissy!

(am intrigued by the home brewing... Dr G is keen to get his own going. does it taste any good? :)

LizN said...

I'm so glad to see you back :)

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