Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Thanks to those who made suggestions for saving my sanity. I actually found something at the health food store yesterday that seems promising, which is based on traditional Chinese herbs - in pill form, thank goodness. Coincidence or not, last night I only remember waking up four or five times. That's a major improvement on the twenty or more nasty overheated interruptions to my sleep the night before.

Some research suggested that hops help with hot flushes, and of course they also happen to be good for inducing restful sleep. Bike Boy suggested I take up beer-drinking, but I think not... Instead, I found a vile-tasting liquid that contains hops and valerian and I'm giving that a go as well. Good thing I don't shy away from swallowing nasty potions; this stuff is BITTER.

The thing with black cohosh is that there's a small risk of serious liver problems, and since I already have impaired liver function, I'm not prepared to take a chance. Up until yesterday, it seemed that every remedy I looked at contained that stuff. Bah!

I'm giving this a go for at least couple of weeks, plus making sure I drink my water (thanks Linda), take my fish oil (thanks Sara), watch my caffeine intake (boo!) and try to avoid biting off anyone's head.

If things don't improve, I'll go see my doctor. As someone wise said to me: life's too short to suffer needlessly.

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Debstar said...

I hope you manage to get that straight-jacket off before Xmas day. It's going to be mighty hard to cook Xmas dinner otherwise.

Hope you are getting on top on things.

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