Monday, January 04, 2010

For my first trick....

Well. Here I am, on holidays, with lots of time for blogging at my disposal and.... there's not much happening. I don't seem to have the inclination. Or anything to say.

So I'll revert to type and start with a list.

I have two weeks left of my holidays, and in that time I plan to achieve the following:

1. Finish an art project I started on Saturday. It's a couple of small fashion-inspired pieces I'm working on to frame and hang on the wall of my walk-in-robe.

2. Get back into a proper training routine. This one is a bit hampered by my current physical limitations, but if I can't lift heavy shit, then I'll just have to do something else. Note to self: sulking and doing nothing is not a good alternative.

3. Cook, photograph and blog at least one recipe. It's been way too long.

4. Tidy up properly and find homes for the random pieces of flotsam that have accumulated around the house.

5. Catch up on reading my favourite blogs. Something is holding me back, and I suspect it's the scary thought of the 200+ posts in my feed reader. Ugh. I do NOT promise not to hit the "mark all as read" button in some cases....

That should keep me busy. :)


ss2306 said...

Welcome back - again.

Lurve holidays.

Press delete and start reading from today. You haven't missed much.

Funny bugger - I see you sulking in the corner and saying "well if I can't lift heavy shit not gonna lift anything, so there" (lol)

Raechelle said...

LOL on the cartoon!
Yes, it's been too long since you've posted a recipe!

Jadey said...

Funny Cartoon and I just found out Twitter isn't blocked at work. All of a sudden I love it :p

Lists lists lists. Yes I have a few floating around.

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