Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Publishing wasteland

I was browsing through the women's fitness magazine offerings at the newsagent the other day and am totally over:

- Fluffy content, like makeup, horoscopes and relationship advice. HELLO?? Doesn't the general women's magazine market cover this adequately?

- Wussy beginner workout advice. Yes, beginners need help, but how about some ideas to hold their interest once they've grasped the basics?

- DIETS. Lose a dress size in two weeks or Look great in a swimsuit next weekend.

- Skinny models with not a muscle in sight.

- Any mention of "toning".

- Bodybuilding mags full of typos, grammatical and spelling mistakes. And suggestively-captioned "candid" photos. Geez, let's promote the stereotype that bodybuilders are stoopid....

I tried the men's mags, but I'm sick of the token women (somewhere up the back), who may be fit and athletic, but who are apparently only printable if dressed and posed like porn stars.

There are some sports-specific mags that are OK, but when you're a bit-of-everything kind of girl, those don't quite cut it either. I don't want to just read about running or cycling.

No wonder I've been sticking to landscaping mags. Or the IKEA catalogue....


Cherub said...

With you there.

Sandra said...

Totally agree, Kerryn. Hubby stopped buying the men's fitness mags as our girls are getting older...the last message you want to give teenage girls is that all that hard work at the gym gets you the honor of draping yourself all over a male bodybuilder.

Sara said...

The supplement ads... ech.

Kathryn said...

I rarely read mags nowadays. I get runner's world because I signed up for a 2 yr subscription to a runner's watch (which I never use!) but it's basically for the reasons you mention. Too much fluff, not enough substance. You can get so much better info on the net nowadays anyway.

Debstar said...

I do love the IKEA magazine. If only I could make my house as nice.

catherine said...

So true!

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