Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Seven things

Liz tagged me way back on New Year's Eve and I've finally gotten around to listing seven things you don't know about me. I've tried to think of unknown facts, but if I'm repeating myself here....oh well.

1. Sorting and folding socks is the bane of my life. Blah.

2. I would really love to join the local fire brigade and might actually do it this year.

3. I haven't worn a watch for years. That's a really weird thing for a control freak who has a phobia about being late, but it's true.

4. I forgot I had my appendix out. Seriously. That's not quite as ditzy as it sounds... Back in 2002 I had an ovarian cyst removed, along with the affected ovary. While my doc had me at his mercy, he took the opportunity to whip out a biggish fibroid and my appendix. Then he informed me of this extra-bonus service when I'd just woken up from the anaesthetic. And I promptly forgot all about it until last year when I was trying to pin down the source of some mystery pain.

5. I never had a fringe for the first 21 years of my life. At that point I finally had my hair cut in a shorter style with fringe, and I've never been without one since.

6. I love junk mail. And the local paper, especially the real estate section. I'm really peeved that after living here for over two years, we still don't get the local paper delivered OR any of the "good" junk mail. Supermarket specials aren't quite my style. One of the girls at work saves hers and brings it in for me. Sad, huh?

7. Although I'm often surrounded by mess, I actually have a neat streak and get a kick out of tidying and organising cupboards, shelves etc. I love storage specialist shops and can't resist all the baskets, drawer dividers and other goodies that they sell.

Phew. Those last couple were a struggle.


Raechelle said...

LOL about the watch!
Interesting about joinging the fire! brave woman! bravo!

Jadey said...

OK at woolworths I bought these special sock pegs - they are designed to clip to the tops of your socks and keep them together through the wash - then they hang on the line without the help of extra pegs then you throw them straight in the drawer.

You know folding them together (So one tuclks inside the other) is apparently why socks get ruined.

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