Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Slowly does it

I feel a bit like I'm eating elephants again at the moment. Damn injuries! They're making stuff that's always been no big deal suddenly incredibly complicated.

Today's workout was more than a bit frustrating. Once again, I went light on the weights (yeah,just wait till next week!), and attempted this:

Bent over barbell row. 2 sets with pronated grip, 1 set with supinated grip. That last set pinched a bit in my left forearm, but I got through it.
Bench press. 1 set wide grip, 1 set medium, 1 set narrow. No real dramas with this one.
Inverted rows. I stuck with overhand grip and while it was hard, that was more due to lifting some extra weight *ahem* than to any pain.
Barbell overhead press. I expected problems with this one, but it was surprsingly OK. I was concerned about my lower back, which tends to object to any overhead stuff while standing. So I did it seated with the bench backrest adjusted for support.
Single arm barbell biceps curl. Right arm - yeah, baby! I've never tried these before, they're fun... Left arm - the first rep resulted in my yelling OUCH! very loudly and dropping the bar. *pouts*
Dips. The last four or five times I've tried these, my left triceps have gone into painful spasms. So I chickened out and did French presses instead.

Well, the best I can say is that I got through it. I'd love to be smashing my workouts again, but I suppose I'm just going to have to exercise some patience. Because I'm so good at that. *snort*

One positive thing is that the work my physio's been doing is finally starting to pay off. I can now get some movement in my lower traps without my shoulders immediately heading skywards. The range of motion is still pretty small, but I'll take any improvement, thanks.

I really feel the difference when I do any kind of rowing movement. Maybe there's hope for building some size in my back after all?


ss2306 said...

Hope your doms are better than mine - I can hardly friggen move my arms - ouch!

Must be nice to get back into though even with the frustration and lack of patience? I'm hearin' ya on both counts.

Unknown said...

injuries make exercise really frustrating unless you just 'go with the flow'!! After many years or saying - 'buggar this' and working through the injury and consequently making it much worse- I now go light or avoid or delay workouts on that particular body part. It seems as though I'm always nursing some sore spot which means I can never train as hard as I would like to!

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