Friday, February 12, 2010


I did it again. 500+ unread blog posts in my reader. *sigh* I wish organising my life was as easy as organising my junk drawer.

Life hasn't been particularly busy, I've just been going at a bit of a slow pace. We've pottered around the house, doing a few necessary bits and pieces before the landscapers hit the ground running next Wednesday. I got bitten by the domestic bug (I know! How bizarre) and ironed every single item in the basket, tidied up some drawers and cleaned out my wardrobe. Again. How can I still have surplus clothes after three lots of culling in the past two years and a whole year of buying nothing new? It's one of life's great mysteries.... I've also settled into the new job and it's not as awful as I thought it would be.

As well, I've been tossing up which way to go with a couple of career/life things and almost have that all sorted out. The big decisions have been prompted by the thought that I'll be 50 at the end of this year, and that I'd really like to retire before I'm too old and feeble to enjoy it. I don't fancy living on baked beans and mince either, so some serious planning is required sooner rather than later.

One result of all this thinking, researching and scheming is that my business will be getting reorganised. I'm still figuring out the finer details, and that's all going a bit slowly, but I'm very positive about it all.


On the injury front, things are about the same. Taking a break from serious training seemed like a good idea to let things settle down, but I suspect that some of my problems are worse because of it. Rather than going like a bull at a gate though, I'm doing some routines based around Liz's prehab exercises and some that my physio set me. Then I've added some cardio and some basic weights work (avoiding too much stress on the tricky right forearm and left bicep) plus some core stuff, with the BOSU featuring heavily.

I rang to make a physio appointment last week, and couldn't get in till NEXT week. Aargh! Maybe by then, there'll be some small improvement. I live in hope.

I'm also walking like a have a poker up my arse, thanks to some glute and hammie DOMS. Fun. NOT.


Yesterday we had a ripper thunderstorm, which hit just after I left work to drive home. I avoided the freeway, which turned out to be a good thing, since it was apparently reduced to a crawl. But the minor roads I took were flooding and visibility was utter crap.

Bike Boy had come to work with me, and he isn't the world's greatest passenger (can you say "backseat driver?") I think I almost gave him a heart attack at one point when we hit a patch of water that I didn't see till we were right on top of it and the car tried to do an impersonation of a boat....

He didn't seem to be amused when I yelled: WooHOOOOO, Baby! Adventure driving! Isn't this fun?

Pfft. We made it home in one piece. I don't know what he was worried about.

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