Friday, February 26, 2010

Got my mojo working

I'm feeling awesome today....for the first time in quite a while, really. I'm not sure what's different, but this morning I fired up my Spinervals Ultra Leg Strength Builder DVD, got on the bike and stayed there for the full 60 minutes.

Up till now it's been a struggle to do anything high intensity or for any decent length of time. Injuries haven't helped, but that's not really it.... my heart just wasn't in it for some reason.

I don't know what's changed, but I'm happy to say hello to my old mojo again. I had a million excuses - for one thing, the house and back yard are full of tradesmen doing stuff. But I just pretended they weren't there and did my thing. They quite possibly think I'm mad.

Anyway, I now have shaky legs, endorphins running wild and I suspect I may be very, very sorry tomorrow. Which is all good, of course.

Maybe my blogging mojo will stick around too....


ss2306 said...

hip hip hooray

Raechelle said...

Good things come to those who wait, hey!
Glad to see your wait paid off :-) Hope the mojo sticks around for a while!

Cherub said...

Hope you stick around

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