Saturday, February 13, 2010


Debstar challenged readers to post ten things that make them happy, so here's my lot.

I've stuck with the little things....

1. A quiet couple of hours alone with a good book and a cuppa.

2. The moment when I wake up thinking: *sigh* I’d better get up for work.... and then realise it’s the weekend and snuggle back down under the blankets for a while.

3. Sitting by a window on a sunny winter’s day and feeling the warmth soak into my shoulders and back.

4. Creating something. A piece of clothing, an art project, restoring a piece of furniture.

5. A tidy house. Neatness and order make me feel serene; mess and clutter make me anxious.

6. Receiving something in a box or parcel. The anticipation is always a little exciting, even if I already know what’s in it.

7. A good glass of wine. Three glasses makes me REALLY happy. LOL.

8. Unsolicited hugs from my boys.

9. Seeing new shoots or buds on something in my garden.

10.Browsing through storage catalogues and mentally planning my next project.


Debstar said...

All those things make me happy too.
Maybe not no.8 lol

Magda said...

I'm with you on the 3 glasses in number 7 Kek.

:-) Magda

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