Friday, February 12, 2010

Need a quick, no-fuss workout?

Sometimes we come up with all the excuses in the world about why we can't exercise. One of the biggies is "I don't have time". Hmm, let's see...

I was a bit slow getting out of bed the other morning, so there was no time for the Spinervals session I'd planned to do. Not to worry, I had twenty minutes or so, and came up with this:

Warm up 3 minutes on the spin bike
Increase both resistance and pace and do 3 x 30 seconds hard(ish), 30 seconds recovery
Jump off the bike and do 15 bodyweight squats, then 15 alternating overhead dumbbell presses.
Back on the bike for 30/30 x 3 of seated climbs
Grab the BOSU for 10 sumo squats, then 10 pushups
On the bike once more, this time for a medley:
30 seconds standing climb, 30 seconds recovery, 30 seconds (each side) one-legged, 30 seconds recovery, 30 seconds fast as you can, 30 seconds recovery.
Grab a resistance band and do x-band walks - 10 left, 10 right, 10 left, 10 right. BOSU plank till you die (I'm kidding - 30-60 seconds will do it)
Back on the bike to cool down for 3 minutes, then add a couple of BOSU core exercises. I did dead bugs and something else that escapes me....

Stretch and you're all done!

If you don't have a bike, then swap it for any other cardio machine. No machine? No problem. Grab a skipping rope and/or a step, or just head outdoors and run around at the park or up and down the street. Jog, sprint, walk, jog backwards, high knees....there are plenty of variations.

Yes, your neighbours probably will think you've lost the plot, but who cares?

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Unknown said...

good to see you back here kerryn- wondered where you had disappeared to!! I've been doing some similar cardio workouts and I love it! Sitting on a bike, treadmill or x trainer etc for more than about 10 mins drives me crazy! Yet I can get on and off and work up a jolly good sweat for more than an hour with this sort of routine- the time just flies and I find it good on the injury front too! not too much repetitive strain on any one body part!

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