Thursday, February 04, 2010

Oh. Where did that last two weeks go?

Just popping in to say I'm still alive.

I've been battling back pain, doing the office drone thing once again, and getting kids back to school, so blogging has been a bit low on the priority list. Plus I've been mulling over some personal plans and goals and the best way to achieve them.

All that seems to have sucked up my time and energy, but I'm on the brink of sorting myself out properly and getting back into normal habits.

Meanwhile, did anyone see the SBS doco on Tuesday night: Why are Thin People Not Fat? Fascinating stuff.... If you missed it, go track the video down online. I'll see if I can find a link later on, don't have time right now.

Gotta you all! xx


ss2306 said...

Yeah I seen it.


LizN said...

ooh glad to see you blog, I was going to have to come and personally slap you to post!

Veri word - pickers!

Cherub said...

Just watched it on You Tube.

My head is now full of so many questions.

Sairs said...

And she's back!! Was about to send a team of search and rescue out just to check you're still there!
Look forward to hearing more about the plans etc when (and if) you reveal them..

Anonymous said...

I'll have to chase up that video, sounds very interesting. SBS reception is just crap here.

Unknown said...

I watched that doc. Yes, it's on Youtube in 6 parts. V.V. interesting, but of course, more questions than answers. Like WHY did the asian guy gain muscle? Perhaps he was not chowing down on the same foods as the others? Why did some kids eat more? Perhaps those kids just don't like to draw as much as the others. So, it's more a personality trait - easily bored = snacky.

Unknown said...

Bah, just realised I'm logged into the business gmail.. You know it's me, huh?

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