Friday, March 19, 2010

Don't panic!

I'm heeeeeerrrrre!! I have no less than eight unpublished posts that I need to edit and polish up (or possibly consign to the DELETE pile), but I promised a post by end of week, so here I am....

This afternoon the phone rings. It's my mother:

Is No. 1 Son alright?

Um.... Yes, I reply. Well, I don't know, given that he's on a cruise ship somewhere in the Pacific and not due home till tomorrow, but I assume.... I begin to feel a mild panic setting in.

Er, why wouldn't he be?

Here's the thing: we really do not watch much TV. Or read newspapers. Except on Thursday when the Green Guide comes out and I always buy The Age... except when I forget... so all I hear is snippets on the radio while driving around. If I'm not listening to Pink or Katie Perry, or some other CD, that is.

So I had no idea there were disaster-strength cyclones in the Pacific, that parts of Fiji had been flattened (pfft, again??), and MY FIRSTBORN IS ON A CHUNK OF METAL FLOATING AROUND THE FREAKING PACIFIC???!!!

I did a quick Google search and discovered that the ship has a blog (LOL - of course it does), and apparently all is well. Anyhow, I figure that if I haven't had a phone call or telegram or something, then I have nothing to worry about....

So when Bike Boy got home, I asked him if he was aware of the extreme weather in the region. Turns out, he was...but he didn't think to mention it to me.

I somehow refrained from belting him.

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