Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The bright bits

Things definitely haven't been all bad in my world, in spite of the whole Bizarro biz.

For one thing, we've created a gorgeous garden - and I'm always happy when I'm watching my plants grow. I've even squeezed in a mini orchard, with a lemon, Tahitian lime, Kaffir lime, cumquat, passionfruit and a grove of (well, four) feijoas.

The kids have been great. Number One Son got a new job recently and may actually be finished uni this year (we can only hope). The Middle Child is halfway through his final year of school and doing well. He's still aceing music and performing well in all other subjects, while juggling a part time job, a girlfriend, driving lessons and practicising his rock star skills. The Baby has only had two detentions this year (and he swears one was not his fault), is still my hug-monkey and TV partner and I hope he stays that way for a bit longer yet.

We've made an effort to have something of a social life too, and have been out to dinner, done some entertaining at home and generally tried not to be crusty old hermits.

Plus Bike Boy and I celebrated 25 years of marriage last week. We escaped for a three day weekend in Hepburn Springs and lounged in front of the wood heater, splashed around in the spa (with champagne in hand, of course), explored the local wineries and eateries and just relaxed.

Our accommodation:

The views:

On top of all that, I now have only six years and six months until I can retire. Now that's something to be happy about.


Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Kek, nice to see you blogging again! Where did you get the feijoa trees from? Rob loves feijoas. Congrats on your anniversary! Your accommodation looks very relaxing. Does it have a website? Cheers, Charlotte

Kek said...

Feijoas are around in lots of nurseries, Charlotte - I found mine at Sertell's at Doreen, but I've seen them at a few others. Ask your local if they can order them for you.

I'll post a link to our getaway website a bit later. :)

Shauna said...

missed you keksterooni... hug hug hug huggggg hug. thinking of you.

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