Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hippo on the loose

My slightly crazy metabolism has kicked back into gear these past couple of weeks, after being a bit smothered for a while there. I'm waking up starving just before the alarm goes off, and I'm hanging out for each meal by the time I sit down to eat it. That's all normal for me.

But today was one of those Hungry Hippo days, where I just could not stifle the hunger pangs, no matter what. I ate my breakfast of oats, whey and skim milk at about 7:15am. By the time I got to work, I was ravenous again. I'd only chucked in an apple for morning tea, thinking I'd have a slightly lower calorie day today - but I scoffed that and knew it wasn't going to cut it. So I dashed over to the supermarket and grabbed a Slim Secrets bar. Better!

By 11:15 the worms were gnawing again. I hung out till 11:45, then heated my beef stroganoff, sweet potato and big pile of beans and asparagus. That was gone in about 5 minutes flat. Uh-oh. At 2:00pm, I grabbed two rice thins out of the packet on my shelf and shovelled them in. The guy who sits behind me is an endurance cyclist. He just raised his eyebrows and said: Those will hold you for about three minutes. Then he pulled out a loaf of bread and said Help yourself.

An hour later, a slice of bread, two more rice thins and a can of tuna went down the hatch. At 3:30, I was ready to chew my own arm off. I need SUGAAAAAAR!! I wailed. My cyclist colleague pulled a Chup-a-chup out of his drawer and offered it to me. I looked at it doubtfully - this hunger wasn't going to be satisfied by that little morsel...

Funny, thing, the tummy rumbles completely stopped after I ate it. Chup-a-chups must be magic or something.


There was roadwork going on outside the office today. At one point the guys started up a particularly noisy machine that made the building shake. One of my colleagues asked Is that an earthquake? Another immediately chipped in with No, that's just Kerryn's stomach.

Funny buggers.


LizN said...

That reminds me of the time I ate a white Freddo and felt full for hours (and no, it wasn't a giant one lol)
I'm looking at a few new Spinervals, how does the Pain Cave sound to you :)
Word verification. Trophy

Unknown said...

You sound like a hungry little caterpillar!

Kek said...

Liz, I SO want The Pain Cave.... my friend Bonnie is one of the athletes in it (the only female, I think). I've always wanted to train with Bonnie. :)

Linda, caterpillar-sized servings won't quite cut it for me. LOL.

Raechelle said...

Just wondering, what the heck is a Chup a chup?
Yes, those days of constant hunger do kill. Glad the chup thing helped!

Sara said...

I get vitamin C lollypops, then I can tell myself they are also topping up my vit C reserves. ;)

Sara said...

A chup-a-chup is a ball shaped, very sweet lollypop.

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