Thursday, June 10, 2010

On the up and up

I'm having an insane time at work at the moment. The impending end of financial year always has a major impact on my workload, and on top of that, I'm being frustrated at every turn by system failures and other annoyances. Good thing I manage to keep my sense of humour most of the time.

So work is sucking up a lot of my time, and blogging has to take a back seat for now. Hey, I'm doing my best...


I was looking for something in my blog archives earlier, and came across a post that made me go "Oh...." I wish I'd re-read this a couple of months ago. It might not have got me back in the game straight away, but it would probably have made me less miserable. Sometimes I really should listen to my own advice.

Anyway, training is going just fine and so is nutrition. The scales are heading down, down, down and I'm feeling fantastic. It's like a switch got flicked or something.

Meanwhile, I have to get to work. My long weekend starts tomorrow. Can't wait!

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