Monday, June 07, 2010

Will you be my friend?

I'm still flat-out busy, but going great guns on the attitude front, as well as winning the battle with training and nutrition. I'll make time over the long weekend to catch up with everyone. *sigh* I know I keep saying that, but I have four days in a row off, so no excuses!

Anyways, I have no time to finish the looong post I got halfway through writing in my lunch break, but I just wanted to report that I've got out of my boring old rut and have come up with some goals and events that excite me. One thing I'm definitely doing is Phat Camp (Melbourne, of course) on 14th-16th November.

If I bring a friend, we can both save $50. :D Anyone keen?

Gotta run ....I've got an early start in the morning.

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Kathryn said...

I'd be in it except I won't be in Aus then.

Btw is the dodgy gym we went to for phat camp a couple of years ago the gym you normally go to? I am living near there now and have been thinking of using it for my weekend backup gym.

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