Sunday, July 11, 2010

All-Female Classic 2010

Yesterday afternoon I picked up Charlotte and we headed into the city to meet Selina and Shannon. It took us a while to find them ...somebody needs to remember to switch her phone back from silent. Meanwhile, we wandered around some shops, had coffee and tried to stay out of the howling wind. I was very tempted by the raw cacao powder at Evelyn Faye Nutrition and the huge range of teas at T2 in the Galleria, but managed to spend nothing. I've become a champ at not-spending. Yay, me!

Eventually we tracked the girls down and we piled into the car and headed off to Caulfield to see the All-Females, only stopping for a burek (and to watch Selina and Shannon devour the biggest cherry and chocolate slice I've ever seen).

Anyway, less talk, more photos....

Sportsmodel: These are the winners of each of the two classes. I'm hopeless with names, but the brunette won....cute, cute, cute!

The Physique girls were up next, and Fern shone like a star. She not only presented the best physique, but she performed beautifully, and her happiness and excitement were visible to the whole audience. She had a pretty loud cheer squad too. ;)

We knew she had it won almost the instant she stepped onstage.

Long after the presentations, she was still pinching herself. Here she is with her loot, and a trophy that's almost bigger than she is ("Look at all my STUFF!"):

Everyone wants their photo taken with the champ....

Shannon, Fern, Selina (don't you girls look whiter-than white?):

Fern and Charlotte:

Masters lineup. The two ladies on the right were competing in Masters 50+. The winner is on the far right. The 40+ winner is second from the left. Rae, in pale pink, was graceful and elegant as usual and took out the best routine award.

The novice division was so large they were split into three classes. I was actually very disappointed with the overall quality - there were a few stand-out physiques, and some who have the potential to develop into stunners, but quite honestly, the number of girls up there who were nowhere near stage-ready was just embarrassing. As we all said last night, it's easy to be a critic when you're sitting in the audience, and I know that all of these girls would have put their heart and soul into prepping for the competition, and maybe they're only in it to have some fun.... But this is the INBA's top figure competition in the country, and harsh though it may sound, I think there should be a minimum standard.

If any of the girls I'm referring to had a coach, he/she should be ashamed of themselves... if they didn't, uh... maybe they ought to find one.

At the very least, some of these girls need someone to advise them on bikini (never seen so many unflattering suits in my life), hairstyle (if you're a bit masculine-looking, ladies, don't scrape your hair back severely. GOD!), makeup, tanning and posing. *sigh* Posing was woeful. It was obvious that some competitors had never had a lesson in their lives. There was also a noticeable absence of smiling - what was with the scowling? Yes, you're nervous, and yes, you have to concentrate and work hard at posing, but plaster that big old fake smile on your face anyway, girls and LOOK like you're having a good time, even if you're not.

End of rant....

I don't have any pics of the intermediate division - I think I was still in shock from the novice experience and forgot to take any. But here we have Open short...

....and tall.

This is the lineup for overall champion. The final contenders are in the front row:

The Open Short winner was my pick for overall, and turns out I was right. As I said, I'm hopeless with names, but I think it's Skye? Selina can tell me.....

I love this - she was so honestly surprised to win:

The show ran a bit late, but we managed to squeeze in a bit more eating, drinking and chatting. Well, I stuck to water, but we popped into Movida Next Door, which is the cutest little tapas bar on Flinders St and ate just a few tiny but tasty morsels.

Oh wait, I meant these:

OK, so I did have the churros con chocolat....

We got the waitress to take a photo of the four of us before we left. I promise I wasn't hiding on purpose, but THANK GOD it turned out that way, because eeek, my hair! At 1:00am at the end of a long day, and after several hours of walking around in gale-force winds, I look like craaaaaap!

Late night, exhausting, but absolutely brilliant fun. Thanks for such a fabulous evening, girls!



Kathryn said...

Awesome photos.

If that an iron as one of the prizes? Please tell me there were many bad "pumping iron" jokes made.

LizN said...

Wish I could have been there!

I would love to go to Movida (or next door!)

Kek said...

Kathryn, damn! I completely missed the chance for that line...

Liz, I promise to take you next time you come down.

Raechelle said...

Awesome run down...thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Seeing you there (and the others) absolutely was a HIGHLIGHT for me - thanks LOADS your support is priceless - was awesome to get hugs from you gal sxo

Kek said...

Fernie, It was an honour to see you up there. You really showed 'em how it's done. Enjoy your prizes, and your well-earned break.


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