Monday, July 12, 2010

Caging the beast

Perseverence.... keeps honour bright
- William Shakespeare

I’ve sworn off alcohol entirely for the month of July. I made a bit of a late start, only deciding last Monday that I’d go alcohol-free, but oh well...

Then on Saturday night whilst I was out with the girls, we made a late night stop at a tapas bar. While we were um-ing and ah-ing over the menu, a couple of the others decided to have a glass of wine, and instantly the voice in my head started up, as one of my beasts decided it needed feeding:

Ooh, a wine! That would be nice...
But I’m not drinking.
Just one won’t hurt. The wine here is GOOD.
I promised myself.
Nobody needs to know. Anyway, you can start again tomorrow.
I’m driving.
Just one. Go oooooonnnnn.

I seriously wavered. I could have had just one and been OK to drive. But after all, you have to live your own values, the ones you spout to other people, don’t you? I made a commitment to myself and I have to honour it. I didn’t need a drink. I had good company and there was good food a-plenty, and that was more than enough to add up to a fun time.

I reminded myself that the desire is always momentary, although the effects of overindulging usually last quite a bit longer, and that it’s not that hard to distract yourself long enough for it to disappear. So I turned my attention to the conversation and food and abstained from drinking, and (of course) there were no twinges of regret the next day.

That particular beast is back in its cage now. I plan to keep it there for several weeks, and then if I do let it out, put it on a very short leash.


Raechelle said...

Good for you! Empowering, don't you think? And yep, getting up the next morning feeling fine probably felt extra special! I'm just guessing... ;-)

Kek said...

How did I know you'd be the first to comment, Raechelle? ;)

Thanks for the support. This isn't an addiciton with me, but it is sometimes difficult to stop at one. And quite honestly, while I enjoy a good quality wine, it does nothing positive for me in terms of physique or sports performance.

And having more than one on a regular basis isn't going to do much for my health either.

I'm sure my minor battle with the beast will be a picnic compared to yours.


Raechelle said...

Any battle to maintain ones health is worth the effort and worthy of a bit of self pride if and when it's won. And if you know it's not doing you any good then good for you for resisting. cheers hon!

Kathryn said...

I can never have just one, it's all or nothing with me. Well done for resisting. One glass of wine wouldn't have hurt at all, physically but the mind muscles, they get stronger from a workout too.

Cherub said...

Good outcome Kerryn! I did Febfast this year and after a BBQ (dry for me) I commented to my son what a good time I had had. His reply - "What even without drinking?"

Where do 10 year olds get that perspective from? It scared me! I'm even more careful now about comments and actions around alcohol. Don't get me wrong I'm no saint though!

Kek said...

I'm definitely a believer in exercising the mind muscles, Kathryn.

Claire, it IS scary to discover the messages we're sending our kids. No matter what you intentionally teach them, they're always going to learn a lot more from our behaviour.

It makes you think.

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