Sunday, July 11, 2010

Clearing a blockage

Most bloggers would know what it's like to experience writer's (blogger's) block.

You just don't have anything to say today. Same goes for the next day. Before you know it, a week's gone past and you've written nothing.

Or you have things to say, but can't make the words flow. How many times have you had a dozen, twenty, fifty draft posts sitting there, but none of them are even close to finished. Some are only a sentence or a phrase - you get that far, think "This is rubbish" and walk away in disgust.

Or maybe you're going through a crappy patch in your life and don't feel as though anything you have to say is likely to be of interest to others. Or that if you write about what you're thinking and feeling, people will judge you.

So your blog sits there, neglected. The longer you go without writing anything, the harder it gets to start. Been there, done that. But here are a few things I've discovered:

1. To get past a blockage, you just have to write. It doesn't have to be brilliant, it just has to be words. Every post doesn't need to leave readers gasping at your creativity and humour. If you're really stuck, repeat that joke someone emailed you that made you snort coffee out your nose, or share that photo you took on the weekend; the one of your cat being dorky, that made you smile.

2. Write about your feelings anyway. If people judge you, that's their problem. So what if a couple of them delete your blog from their feed reader? A lot more people will probably relate to something you say and add you to theirs.

3. Read more blogs. Other people's blogs are great for provoking thoughts and ideas. Respond to something you disagree with, expand on something you agree with, jump off at a tangent, whatever comes to mind.

4. Try to write something daily. Practice makes perfect, as the saying goes. If you do have a day where you're overflowing with ideas, get them all out, but save them as drafts and go back and pull one out at some future time when you're stuck.

Do NOT run away from your blog, avoid everyone else's blogs, and then wonder why nobody is talking to you. Don't be an idiot.

Got any other ideas? What works for you? Care to share?


Kathryn said...

I would never stop reading someone's blog if they are writing honestly about the hard times they are having or even if they stop writing for a while. I do if it's constant whinging and excuse making -- get enough of that I can't avoid in RL :)

Cherub said...

I will be back to mine one day. Facebook is just so much easier - you don't have to think.

I am still reading others though!

Glad you're back Kerryn.

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