Saturday, July 17, 2010

Clogged up and cranky

Yesterday I spent the afternoon in a backless hospital gown and a jaunty red paper hat, having another of my nasal cautery treatments. My surgeon tells he "spot-welded" six lesions and didn't even have any bleeding to deal with, so from his perspective it went perfectly. (It's also been fourteen months since my last procedure, so that puts me in the "lucky" category for this disease; some people go through this every six to eight weeks.) I had a nice deep sleep, got a sandwich and a cuppa afterwards and was home in time for dinner.

That was the easy part. This morning I feel as though my nose is seven times its normal size. It's also completely useless, since I can't breathe at all through it. And then there's the constant dripping, and the whole thing where I'm not allowed to blow it for several days. My lips hurt, my tongue hurts, and even my teeth hurt after breathing through my mouth all night.

Although this is all normal and I expected it, I absolutely loathe going through this recovery phase, and I reserve the right to whinge like an overtired two-year-old.

It's a good thing I caught up on all that sleep over the past week and a half, because I won't get a decent night's sleep now for at least a week. Blah.


Unknown said...

You poor bugga! I hope it heals quickly.

Unknown said...

Oh- poor you. I think you are very entitled to stamp your little foot and pout. Tea and sympathy is what you need in bucketloads!!! xx

Raechelle said...

Ow...bugger! Not envying you right now, nope.
Take care and heal soon!

Cherub said...

...and you so oh so attractive kek! I can only say that as I have suffered nasally myself for so many years! The "bull ring" packing in the nose was the best....

Hope you're being well looked after and feeling back on top soon. x

Casey said...

That does not sound like fun. I hope the shnoz heals up quickly for u!

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