Friday, July 02, 2010

Cranky elbows (and other joints)

My ultrasound results are in and apparently, it's good news. I have no tears, no major damage at all, in fact. My shoulder has a small pocket of fluid, located exactly where I feel the pain, which my doctor tells me is not anything to worry about; it's just a sign of inflammation. In fact, the only thing the scan showed was inflammation in all the areas I've been complaining about.

So the plan at this point is to have weekly physio treatment, continue with my rehab exercises, rest and ice anything that gets a bit ouchy and go back for a review in a month. If things don't improve much, the doc will refer me to a sports medicine physician and we'll see what they can come up with.

I've been fairly patient really, but I've put up with the right elbow injury for five years now and enough's enough. I'd like to able to drive the car, fold towels and stir whatever I'm cooking without pain - not to mention get back into proper training.

Here's hoping.

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Sara said...

Sounds mental, but you could try an elimination diet for food sensitivities. That inflammation has to be coming from somewhere. As you know, I've had horrendous back/hip/knee/ankle problems. The back problem was caused by a pocket of fluid in the SI joint, but that is gone now. You could do a full-on elimination (can send you the link to it if you like) or just go hardcore paleo for say, a week, and see what happens.
That means: no grains, no dairy, no SOY (watch out for anything with 'vegetable oil' in it - that's usually soy), no caffeine, no sugar. You know.. it's not 'that' hard to do. The usual thinking is that if you get an aggravation of symptoms on day 2 & 3 then you have a sensitivity.
Then you need to get on your probiotics and get your innards into fine form. The idea being that if your gut is doing it's job properly you shouldn't have many food sensitivities at all, eventually. Anyways, email me if you need more details.

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