Friday, July 23, 2010

Elimination - Day 1

I can sum up yesterday in one word: AARGH!

I was warned about the likelihood of nasty side effects, but still smugly thought this six-day restricted diet thing would be reasonably easy. After all, I like all of the foods I'm allowed, and I'm quite used to eating meals that consist mostly of meat or fish with veggies.

Um, did I say easy?

I suffered from gnawing hunger most of the day, even though I ate large portions. The worst part by far was the crashing headache that set in around 10:00am. I resorted to Panadol, but that barely touched the pain. And even though I drank my usual quota of water, I found myself incredibly thirsty from late in the afternoon. I was also ridiculously tired, and would have given anything to just curl up in bed after lunch. Unfortunately, I had a couple of appointments and some errands to run, so that didn't happen.

By the end of the day, I'd lost all interest in food and just wanted the headache to stop. I managed to plough through this lot, though:

Breakfast: a pear
Lunch: a small lamb steak with a couple of large patties made from mashed sweet potato, grated carrot, zucchini and parsnip.
Afternoon snack: another veggie patty
Dinner: Steamed fish with a cup of mashed sweet potato and another pear

I spent the evening on the couch in my pjs with a couple of blankets and some episodes of Burn Notice. It's always good to watch something you don't have to think too hard about when you're feeling blah.

I suspect the headache is mainly due to having cut out my single daily coffee. From recent experience, I'm pretty confident that will disappear by Day 3.

On the plus side, I slept for an uninterrupted 8+ hours and I've dropped a heap of fluid. That always makes me feel better.

This morning I decided to get over my dislike of non-traditional brekky foods, and made myself this:

I'm hoping that the protein will keep me satisfied for longer, dialling down the rampaging hunger a bit. We'll see...


ss2306 said...

My husband used to say "we'll see" all the time to me:

- Do you think we'll get married?
- What about children?
- Think we'll ever travel?

The answer? We'll see and look where that got me. So, never underestimate "we'll see".

You don't really need the protein you know (it's in your head). This now coming from a plant eating, vegan gal (lol).

Thanks for the comment on my blog. Bye for now. Love you xxx

Kek said...

You'll never convert me, Shelley, I'm very committed to my consumption of dead animals. ;)

Love you too! x

Kathryn said...

Isn't it crazy that just eating or not eating some food can do that to us! Btw what is your breakfast?

Kek said...

Lamb steak, with a pear sliced up and cooked in the pan with it, plus some mashed sweet potato with grated carrot, zucchini and parsnip, cooked in a muffin pan.

It wasn't bad.

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