Sunday, July 25, 2010

Elimination - Day 2

Yesterday started with lamb and veggies for breakfast. A bit odd, but it seemed to keep me going. I had planned to have fish for lunch, but simply couldn't be bothered, so I grabbed some pre-made veggie patties out of the fridge instead. I also had a pear as a snack, and that was it till dinner time. I was starving, but just couldn't make the effort to eat.

Dinner was the best meal I'd eaten in two days. Bike Boy picked up a boneless leg of lamb from the butcher and chucked it in our new Scanpan roasting pan, along with chunks of sweet potato, parsnip, carrot and zucchini. The veggies cooked up beautifully in the little bit of fat from the lamb. Heaven!

The headache still hung around, so did the tiredness, and I had to put myself to bed in the afternoon for a two-hour nap. I also got through four litres of water, which is quite a lot for the middle of winter.

Once again I slept like a log - apart from the obligatory 1:15am trip to the loo. Fluid loss has gone a bit nuts, as expected. I'm down 1.2kg in two days.

I barely even glanced at the coffee machine this morning. Maybe the craving is disappearing...

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Raechelle said...

I'm glad you're posting your meals and ect for this diet....I'm going to do this when I get back from the states...just like to see first hand accounts of these things...ya know.

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