Monday, July 26, 2010

Elimination - Day 3

Headache: Still there, but well and truly faded.
Hunger: Not so bad.
Tiredness: So-so, but I slept solidly again and woke up feeling well rested.
New symptoms: Muscle soreness. Um ...from what? I've done nothing.

I'm sure the nasties really are subsiding, but I managed to seriously distract myself from them with a trip to IKEA. I've hatched a plan to (finally) finish furnishing and decorating the house with the minimum of expense, and IKEA figures pretty heavily in it. Bike Boy hates the place with a passion, because he really doesn't do crowds. Or queues. So it was a solo expedition; fine with me.

I drove there in record time (gotta love Sunday morning traffic), got a carpark right near the entrance and armed with my shopping list, executed my plan with military precision. I was only mildly distracted by the goodies in the market hall, and had my trolley loaded with flatpack boxes and was through the register in no time. Loading everything into my little hatchback was a breeze (love the Jazz's magic seats!), and I was back home in plenty of time to start the assembly.

The distraction plan worked like a charm. In fact, I kept myself so busy with screwdrivers and alan keys all afternoon that I forgot to have lunch. Oops.


LizN said...

sounds like you're going well. I always think Day 3 is the worst of anything.

Casey said...

Yay, I love IKEA. mumsy & I are planning an IKEA Pilgrimage in about 2 weeks.

p.s - the elimination diest does not sound fun.

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