Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Elimination - Day 5

Nearly there. Hurrah!

Day 5 brought a much-reduced headache. In fact it was nothing more than a minor annoyance, and I managed to ignore it all morning before it finally disappeared mid-afternoon.

I can't say I had a great sleep, but that was due to the insane DOMS in my legs and glutes. Plus it was bloody freezing! I woke up at 3:30am to go to the loo, and in spite of being dressed in velour pants, camisole, hoodie and fluffy bedsocks, I had to add an extra blanket to the bed to feel warm enough.

There was no hunger to speak of, and nothing else to report, really. Oh, except that weight stabilised, so I think I've jettisoned all the excess fluid now. Maybe I can sleep all night now?

Last day today.... well, last day of the "clearing" phase, anyway. Then I have to get through the "testing" phase, gradually reintroducing foods, but I've worked out that I ought to be able to do that in under two weeks.

Based on the withdrawal symptoms I've suffered, it seems that there are some foods that I need to avoid. I'm interested (and just a bit apprehensive) to find out what they are.


Casey said...

hmm, this sounds like it will be interesting. How's the ball attire coming along?

LizN said...

Well hopefully you won't be intolerant to nuts, fish or dairy :) Maybe it's additives rather than foods as such - who knows :) I'm full of theories today!

Kek said...

The ball gown-making has stalled, Casey. My 30-year-old sewing machine spat the dummy at having been neglected for so long and is refusing to wind the thread onto a bobbin. I'm off to Mum's tonight to make use of her machine.

Liz, dairy and onion would really upset me. I can cope with just about anything else, although I'll have a minor tanty if I can't have my oats. :( Additives might be the problem - let's hope so. I can easily live without those.

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