Thursday, July 29, 2010

Finally! Elimination - Day 6

The last day was a bit of a breeze, really. Apart from being a bit bored with my food, there were no other issues. Weight dropped another 300g from the previous day though. Hmm.

No headache, and the only aches and pains I had were my neck, which has been plagueing me for a few weeks now, and the old tennis elbow. Thank goodness it's physio day today. I cheated slightly and had smoked salmon for breakfast (hey, it's only salmon and salt) with some sweet potato. Lunch was Atlantic salmon with the usual veg and I almost forgot to eat my pear before I left work, I was so not hungry. Dinner was lamb and veg again. I do love lamb, but I'm looking forward to having something different today.

Starting today, I'm adding three or four foods back into my meals each day, aiming for mainly those that are unlikely to be a problem, with one that I think might be. I'm keeping a journal, listing my food and noting how I feel, to see if I can spot a connection.

As for the ball gown progress, I think I need one of these at the moment:


Debstar said...

Time to visit your mum. Don't forget to take the material etc.

Kek said...

Ha! I'm well ahead of you, Deb.

LizN said...

How's the dress going now?

Hoorah for smoked salmon!

Kek said...

I may not be going to the ball in rags after all...

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