Friday, July 09, 2010

I've been to rehab

Seems I'm through the caffeine withdrawal nasties. I slept like a baby last night and woke up this morning at 8:00am. Which is late for me as a rule, but a huge improvement compared to the past couple of weeks, when I've been comatose from 6:00am till 10:00am after a disastrous night's sleep. There was no 3:00am wakeful, restless period, no middle of the night headache, and I feel calm and positive this morning.

Remind me never to let my coffee consumption creep up like that, EVER again, would you?

I'm powering along just fine on two cups a day, but will be cutting out the mid-afternoon one from Tuesday when I go back to work. That'll leave me on one-a-day for about 10 days before D-day gets here. I should be able to handle quitting without too much drama then, surely?

For the first time in days, I don't feel like going back to bed and hiding under the blankets. I'm not looking hopelessly at the piles of stuff I have to do and feeling overwhelmed. The sun is shining and I'm about to head out for a walk, then it'll be head down till after lunch, when I have a hairdresser's appointment.

It's amazing what an effect one decent night's sleep has.

Oh - I'm off to the All Female Classic tomorrow. Got a date with Selina and Shannon (the newly crowned ANB Asia-Pacific Figure Champion. Woohoo!) and there are some other gorgeous ladies to catch up with too. Should be fun!

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Raechelle said...

lucky girl! have fun this weekend! say hi to everyone for me..hehehe
and congrads on the fab night of sleep and getting through the last 2 days...they sounded horrendous!

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